The new HTML5test is here!

After months of preparations I am very proud to be able to launch the new HTML5test. Personally I think it is the biggest improvement yet. Not only do we have new and improved tests, but it’s a completely new, lighter and flatter design with many new features.

Some of the more notable changes are:

  • We’ve got a new maximum score of 555 points. And the bonus points are gone.
  • Many new tests and improvements for already existing specifications, but also for new specs.
  • Click on a test result to get more information about the test. Find out how many points the test is worth, the status of the specification and links to the specification and other sites such as
  • Save the results, so you can view them at a later time, or on another device. Use a QR code to immediately view the results of a device with a small screen on your tablet. Use to run the test and show just the QR code.
  • Give feedback and correct the browser identification so we can improve WhichBrowser – our browser identification library
  • A handy browser overview table which shows the scores for the current versions of the major browsers, but also the upcoming and older versions.
  • See a list of the 100 most recent test results and search through our database for results of specific browsers.
  • Compare up to five browsers at the same time.

Of course there are many more changes and over the next week I will explain some of the new features in more detail. The number of confirmed results are also still limited, because we just started collecting data a couple of days ago. This too will grow over the coming days and weeks. There is still plenty of work to be done and I am already working on some new ideas. But first take a look around on the new site, I hope you like it as much as I do!

4 thoughts on The new HTML5test is here!

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  1. Hi,

    what precisely are the new features you check for? And will this set of features now be definite for a while or will you soon be relaunching the test database again? And where are our old results?

    Cool update, though, don’t get me wrong.

  2. Hi!

    It is nice that you have updated the site… but… now almost all of the development history graph of browsers based on your measurements from 2009 until a few days ago it is gone!

    (It used to be of value in strategic discussions since it made it possible to see that certain vendors dragged 2-3 years behind the feature-frontline. Now many browsers have instead been deprived of their “historical record”)

    Could you please somewhere on your site republish the historical graph of your previous tests with history of all browsers since 2009.

    Or will you be able to get hold of and run all the old versions of all browsers with your new test?

    Best Regards,
    Erik Sundvall

  3. The historical data will be back soon. There are still enough users of old browsers to collect this data, but it takes a couple of days before I have enough data to get reliable results.

  4. Hi,

    the new version of looks amazing! =D
    One question though, why is Maxthon no longer listed in the ‘other browsers’ comparison?

    Best regards,

    Benjie Phan