Coming soon: New scores for the Xbox One

Last week Microsoft released the Xbox One in certain countries and fortunately one of the first sites that people are going to check out is HTML5test. So I was able to quickly add the test results for Internet Explorer 10 on the Xbox One.

I also quickly discovered a discrepancy between the documentation that Microsoft released and the test results I was seeing. It looked like Geolocation and the File API were available on the Xbox One, but the documentation specifically said they were not. With the help of Anna Debenham I was able to quickly pin point the problems and discovered some bugs in the browser and errors in the documentation.

In case of Geolocation the documentation was right that it is not supported, but due to a bug in the browser it is impossible to determine this using feature detection. The basic implementation is still there, it just does not give any location and even worse not even an error. A more detailed write up of this bug can be found here: Geolocation on the Xbox.

The problem with File API was with the documentation: it is supported and fully functional. But in practice it is of limited use, because input fields of the file type are not working. If you click on the field nothing happens. You simply can’t select any file. But the FileList interface is functional, however because you can’t select any files, the list of files it is always empty. That that is not the only use of the File API: you can still load binary files using XMLHttpRequest and use Blob and FileReader to get the contents of the file.

Unfortunately these bugs also mean that the score needs to be adjusted – and in this case downwards. The new results will show it does not support Geolocation and also no support for input type=file. These changes will go live in a couple of hours, together with some other fixes we are still working on.

Photo by Steve Petrucelli