Upcoming changes

It’s has been a busy time for me at HTML5test HQ, but we’re not done yet! I’ve got a lot of changes coming to the site in the next couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I already unveiled the next version of HTML5test and at the time I was hoping to be able to launch it this week. But it will take just a little while longer before it will replace the current version. There are still some outstanding issues we are looking into and I also expect to tweak the scoring a little bit too before we launch.

As you can see, the next version of the site not only introduces new tests, but the site has also been completely redesigned. I hope you like the new lighter and flatter design.

The blog has already been moved to the new design and once the next version of the site is ready, so will the rest of the site. One other part of the site that already uses the new design is the home of the HTML5test Device Lab which will open tomorrow.

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