A new version of HTML5test.com

A couple of days ago html5test.com was updated to version 4.0. The update brought a number of bugfixes and a couple of new tests. The maximum score is still 500 points, but the number of points awarded by each tests were modified in certain cases. The most notable changes are the getUserMedia method which was worth 20 points and now only 10 and IndexedDB which was worth 10 points and now 15.

In a couple of cases I decided to stop awarding points altogether. The HTML5 doctype isn’t worth any points anymore because every browser supports this. The filesystem API which failed to gain traction as a standard and isn’t implemented besides by some Webkit based browsers also loses its poins.

And finally ‘drag and drop’ is no longer worth any points because I figured it could only properly be implemented on systems with a mouse. Given that touch based devices are now ubiquitous, it seemed unfair that they could not get the maximum number of points. Of course it didn’t take long to prove me wrong, because Opera Mobile 12.10 does support drag and drop. I still need to take a proper look at their implementation, but I’ll happily restore points for drag and drop in the next update if that means other vendors are also going to implement it for their mobile browsers.

New tests added in version 4 are Mutation Observer, Pointerlock and Opus audio support.